"Ms. Volpe straightforwardly puts forth the absolute truth of the negative aspects of the fast food industry and the detrimental effects it has on our human bodies, but most importantly the suffering effects it has on the animals cruelly used to serve this industry whose bottom line is profit. There is no concern whatsoever for the so-called food provided by the cattle and chickens which are first loaded with chemicals detrimental to them as well as to us, and then literally sacrificed for the fast food industry. This well documented book lays out the awful truth which needs to be spread far and wide and the advice therein heeded by those who truly care." S. Cole

"In this refreshing book about living without meat, Ms. Volpe takes us on an exciting yet disturbing tale of our fast food industries. The universal havoc caused by our obsession with meat is pointed out in clear and concise chapters. Filled with true-life stories and a variety of case studies, the focus is on our most commonly consumed farm animals as chickens, pigs, and cows.

In support of her strong and quite opinionated views, Ms. Volpe has included numerous photos. While a few were quite disturbing, one can see how a photo can be so strong and sometimes necessary to illustrate a point. In addition, she has compiled a list of interesting quotes from famous people on the topic as well as updated information from Congress and other governmental bodies. With the most recent facts and figures supporting appalling statistics, one cannot help but think about the current situation. The treatment of animals, the resulting business, and the consumption by the general public needs to be examined further.

Although I have long since wondered at the treatment of farm animals, nothing could have really prepared me for what Ms. Volpe describes the situation to be. I feel that this book should be read by the masses, as only public pressure will improve conditions. The examples she uses forces the reader to think and while being easy accessible, is also thought provoking. In addition, she has included a helpful resource section containing websites and further reading suggestions including cookbooks and magazines. Whether you agree with her views or not, it can be agreed that Ms. Volpe has given us a well-written book on the subject matter." Vivian, Fallen Angel Reviews

"The Fast Food Craze by Tina Volpe is much needed wakeup call for us all. Those who are unaware of the facts about the food we too often put in our bodies need to know the whole story. The rest of us, too, frequently need to be reminded that we truly are what we eat. The typical American's diet is undeniably cruel -- cruel to ourselves and unconscionably cruel to the creatures with whom we share the planet. Do animals a favor. Do yourself a favor. Do the world a favor. Read and heed Ms. Volpe's words." Paul Howey