"A refreshing spring of spiritual wisdom, The Missing Peace will always be a treasured part of my library, kept close at hand so that I can drink often from its healing waters."
Norm Phelps
, author of The Dominion of Love: Animal Rights According to the Bible.

One of the Most Important Books I Have Ever Read: "Having read this book has changed me very deeply in many ways. I know now I will never eat meat again, but it helped me more than that, to understand why I have never had a deep inner peace that had always been missing, even when I would be doing volunteer work. Everywhere I go, this book will go with me, so that I may read it over and over again, and share its passages with others."  Geoffrey

"THE MISSING PEACE: The Hidden Power of Our Kinship with Animals is a one of those little books that sneaks up on the reader fortunate enough to be drawn to purchasing it. Here is a book with more depth than the cover might suggest. If there were more thinkers and writers like Tina Volpe and Judy Carman we might be able to find alternative ways of cohabiting in this stressed planet instead of slowly destroying it.

The message is quiet yet very powerful. This well written collection of thoughts and philosophies begins as a group of shared statements from people who have in one way or another, either through initial enlightenment or following nightmarish memories of animal cruelty and abuse (often tales of the manner in which our fellow creatures are turned into food sources for the 'victors' in the struggle for survival) gain a change in perspective and elect to follow the Vegan course. The authors are informed and committed: Tina Volpe is a 'Heart Health' speaker and a Humane Educator while Judy Carman is an activist for animal rights, environmental protection, and world peace and both are involved in public service to help a bruised society return to a sense of living a life free of violence.

What makes this book unique is the manner in which the authors present their premise. Their mission is not felt to be one of messianic ardor but instead to be a warm sharing of well documented facts and thoughts from the various religious groups and spiritual thinkers of a philosophy that can only be described as eloquent. Would that more people take the time to learn these principles! This is a little treasure of a book that deserves a wide audience - and in keeping with the motivation of the authors, a book to share with friends, family and everyone who is amenable to re-thinking the direction of our position in the course of the future of our planet." Grady Harp.

My Heart Is Lighter: "This thoughtful collection of stories is a rare find! Each one of these personal accounts convinced me further that my vegan choices are not only valid for me, but shared by others too. In a world of so much abuse to animals, it was a joy to escape into the pages to join with those who also found "The Missing Peace". My heart is lighter having "met" the people who share their personal journey to a more thoughtful and kind way of living. It's a book about hope..." Bea Elliot

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