Award Winning Author - Freelance Writer
Freelance writer with a creative edge and excellent written communication skills, providing detail oriented topics, web copy, feature articles, blog posts, white papers, and newsletters. Tina has extraordinary research skills with a special focus on journalistic interviews, reviews, and current news/events, along with intense graphic art savvy, resulting in “viral” copy. Tina has also authored two successful non-fiction books, with book three underway, co-authored with bestselling author, Jeffrey Masson.

With thousands of works to her credit, she has covered topics ranging from digital death to gardening.

Authors Tina Volpe and Judy Carman bring to the forefront humanity's neglected relationship with animals and present the personal and societal benefits of living peacefully with all beings. Sensitively written and spiritually awakening, The Missing Peace: The Hidden Power of Our Kinship with Animals is based on the idea that "ahimsa" (non-violence) does not exclude the animal kingdom. The first part of the book is full of true, life-altering stories, guaranteed to prompt us to take a deeper look at our own dietary and lifestyle choices. Part II of the book examines the spiritual, scientific and historical reasons for changing our views towards animals—and ultimately the way we view ourselves on this planet.
A hopeful, eye-opening book by first-time author, Tina Volpe, The Fast Food Craze discusses the fast food giants and how their business decisions affect the animals in the slaughterhouses, our health, and encourages readers to stop and think: Why are we eating animals?

The book includes descriptions of what happens in slaughterhouses to the animals and some characteristics of the animals in a natural environment. Readers have a chance to explore vegetarianism, the treatment of animals, and the importance of making healthful and compassionate decisions.